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Rosalind Hume MBACP (Accred)

Supervision and Mentoring

An important element in a counsellor's development, not only during training but also throughout the working life of the counsellor, is the use of effective and appropriate supervision. It is also the reguirement of BACP, in it's respective code of ethics, that the therapist should recieve regular supervision.

In this context supervision has a different meaning than in other work settings. It is not primarily a management role, but is aimed at assisting the counsellor to work as effectively as possible with the client.

Hawkins and Sholet (1989) have indentified three main functions of supervision in counselling:

1) Educational with the aim of giving the counellor regular feedback and developing new understandings.
2) Supportative through which the counsellor can share dilemmas, be validated in his/her work performance and deal with any personal distress or countertransference evoked by clients.
3) Management ensuring quality of work and help the counsellor to plan work and utilize resources.

I am a qualified supervisor with a certificate in supervision from Edinburgh University and have over twenty years of organisational and management experience to support and help counsellors. I am also an individual tutor on the Edinburgh University Counselling Diploma providing mentoring and support.

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